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Teacher Study Group, 2015-2016


In spring 2015 we recruited teachers from around the state of Indiana who wanted to explore differentiating instruction with us in a year-long Teacher Study Group (TSG). These teachers attended a 3-day professional development workshop in July of 2015 to share their experiences with and questions about differentiated instruction, learn about the IDReAM project, read and think about meeting the diverse needs of their students, and plan ways to integrate more differentiation into their own classrooms.

During the 2015-2016 school year we met monthly to reflect on classroom experiences, share and discuss student work, explore facets of differentiation together, and plan for the following month’s meeting. In spring 2016 teachers designed, implemented, and reflected upon a lesson in which they differentiated instruction for their students.

In June 2016 we concluded the TSG with a 1-day workshop during which teachers presented their lessons and reflections. Four teachers from the TSG will continue to work with the project in Phase III.