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IDR2eAM Goals and Origins


The research goals of this project are to investigate how to differentiate mathematics instruction for cognitively diverse middle school students and to understand how students’ rational number knowledge and algebraic reasoning are related. In years 3-6 of the project we are also investigating how classroom teachers learn to differentiate instruction.

The educational goals of this project are to enhance the abilities of prospective and practicing teachers to teach cognitively diverse students, to improve doctoral students’ understanding of relationships between students’ learning and teachers’ practice, and to form a community of mathematics teachers committed to on-going professional learning about how to effectively differentiate instruction.



Amy taught middle school and high school students for 9 years prior to doctoral work in mathematics education. The origins of this project come from Amy’s desires to communicate better with more students in the same classroom. As Amy came to better understand students’ cognitive diversity in her doctoral studies, her desires to differentiate instruction only grew.



Three broad, interrelated reasons underlie the project.


This project is supported by the National Science Foundation through Award DRL-1252575. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the NSF.